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Latest News

Resumption of share repurchases


The Company has been successful in disposing of the remaining apartments at the "17 on Cluver" development and the board has resolved to enable shareholders to dispose of some of their shares for 100 cents per share.  The total repurchase amount is R 3 million over a period of six months on a first-come first-served basis. Read more ...


Development progress


The board is delighted to announce that all the student apartments at 17 on Cluver in Stellenbosch have been sold and that the development has been a resounding success.  Transfer of 25 sections that were sold has been registered by the deeds office. A further section that has been sold will be registered before 30 April 2022.  Click on for details.


On 26 March 2020, the Stellenbosch Municipality issued approval for the development of OakHills Estate outside Stellenbosch. The board regrets to advise that the purchaser of 7 blocks of apartments was unable to secure finance for the acquisition and that the sale agreement has lapsed.  The board has been in discussions with a private property fund for the disposal of the 7 blocks or the disposal of the entire development.  At this stage no agreements have been concluded.  Click on for details.


Dividend announcement


The board has made an announcement regarding a dividend for the second half of the 2022 financial year. Read more ...


All resolutions approved at the recent AGM


Shareholders approved all resolutions tabled at the recent Annual General Meeting. Read more ... 



Covid-19 update report


The board has issued a report to shareholders concerning the Covid-19 outbreak. Read more ...